Help end hunger with a t-shirt

At Action Against Hunger, we believe in bettering the world through helping others. As we strive to help those in need  — whether that is in regard to nutrition, health, or water sanitation, we rely on our amazing partners to help us achieve these goals.  We are very excited to introduce one of our new partners, 7M Studio.

7M Studio is a clothing company that has a mission to help make the world a better place and make sure that the future is better for the generations to follow. 7M Studio’s mission believes in bringing about global change by unifying the people that help with the people that need it.

We spoke with Rabeea Wajeeha, the CEO of the company on what her motivation is for the company: “ I spent some time in the humanitarian sector working on projects funded by United Nations and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and this experience really opened up my eyes to  the various issues around that world.” She chose to work with a nonprofit that does direct work in the field.  When purchasing one shirt, you provide 3 days of treatment that will help a malnourished child recover to full health. We are very excited to work with a company that holds the same values as we do, and creates a way to end hunger around the world.

To purchase your ‘End Hunger’ shirt that will help those in need, visit 7M Studio.


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