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Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal

On August 14, 2021, Haiti was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Just days later, nearly 2,000 people are reported dead, 7,000 are injured and 1.2 million are impacted and in need of help. Tropical Storm Grace, which hit the region on Monday, is compounding the crisis with heavy rainfall leading to flooding and mudslides, further disrupting access to water, shelter and other basic services.

Today, we’re asking for your help. Action Against Hunger has worked in Haiti since 1985, providing lifesaving nutrition and health services, ensuring access to clean and safe water, and helping build livelihoods and long-term food security. Our teams in Haiti have mobilized to distribute emergency nutrition and hygiene supplies and help prevent the outbreak of deadly diseases like cholera.

“As a Haitian and a leader of a humanitarian and development organization that has worked in Haiti for more than 35 years, I worry for my country’s future,” says Roseval Supreme, Country Director of Action Against Hunger in Haiti. “We have been hit by one crisis after another, and I fear that we are reaching a breaking point. We face tremendous challenges, including four million people who are struggling with rising hunger driven by issues including inflation, unemployment, civil political unrest, persistent drought, the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 – and now the impact of another earthquake. Now is not the time for the world to turn its back on Haiti. We need partnership and support more than ever.”

Please help children and families in crisis by making an emergency donation today.

Photo: Andre Marc Sary/CARE