Growing season kicks off!


Springtime for many Canadians is a time to start planning their gardens and sowing seeds indoors for planting when the earth warms up. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden or even the ‘know-how’ to grow food.

Our Generation Nutrition project hopes to change this.

Working with Canadian schools, community members and educators, the project is designed to provide horticultural modules on how to grow, maintain and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables from a mobile gardening system that makes it possible to grow produce almost anywhere.

It’s hard to believe but four million Canadians – or about 13 percent of Canadian households – have experienced some level of nutrition insecurity. In fact, In 2017 Canada ranked 37th out of the 41 richest countries in terms of household food insecurity and child obesity.

That’s why Generation Nutrition was launched in 2017 at two schools in the GTA – Burrows Hall Junior Public School in Scarborough and Driftwood Public School in the Jane/Finch area. The impact of teaching children to grow their own food has been immediate. Within two months, fresh fruits and vegetables were being harvested and 300 children learned how to grow their own food. What’s more, the gardens in the schools helped foster environmental stewardship; a healthy lifestyle, improved academic achievement and community and social development. And the students’ well-being improved overall by reducing stress.

Action Against Hunger Canada believes no level of food insecurity is acceptable for children, and we know you feel the same way. That’s why we need your help – this spring, Generation Nutrition gardens will be growing again, and you can be part of its success.  Share the joy of tending a garden by planting a seed in our virtual garden.

You have the power to impact the future. Start now, by donating to #growourgarden.

Communities around the world and at home need gardens. This precious resource, in addition to the obvious nutritional benefits, empowers individuals, provides financial security, and reduces food insecurity.

Donate in honour of someone you know, and help our virtual garden grow!

Action Against Hunger gives communities the power to remedy food insecurity in their neighborhoods by taking sustainable action for the next generation.