Growing Against Hunger

Planting Hope: Growing Against Hunger

With summer right around the corner, many of us are getting our spades, soil and seeds ready for the growing season!  

However, around the world, millions of people are struggling to access the basic resources they need to grow healthy, thriving gardens.

A new report by the United Nations found that in 2022, a quarter of a billion people suffered from acute food insecurity– an alarming 33% increase from the previous year. One of the major drivers of the surge in hunger rates? Climate change.  

Local gardens and farms are an incredibly important method of food production for most people in the developing world. However, climate change has dramatically decreased farming and food production, creating a real crisis for countless families.

Now more than ever, it’s clear that the world needs to adopt sustainable solutions to end hunger.

That’s why, this summer, we’re launching the Sustainable Futures Fund. It’s a fund designed to provide families and communities with the tools and innovative farming techniques they need to see their farms and gardens flourish.  

From providing seeds to investing in tools to teaching sustainable farming methods- this fund will support families to grow nutritious foods, diversify their crops, and build resilience to future climate shocks.

Join us in our campaign to grow against hunger and make a lasting impact by donating to our Sustainable Futures Fund!