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  • emergency response fund

    Emergency Response Fund

    $50.00 Give/Donner

    Help families struggling to recover from a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. You can help to provide clean water, shelter, food and more.

  • Survival Kit

    Emergency Survival Kit for a Family

    $100.00 Give/Donner

    Families displaced by conflict or natural disasters have lost everything—even basic necessities like shelter and water. Our emergency survival kit includes essential items like tents, blankets, and ropes to build a makeshift shelter. It also includes water filters, pots and pans, buckets, soap, and a wash basin for safe cooking and washing. Help us save lives by providing essential shelter and cooking items.

  • Emergency Therapeutic Food

    $65.00 Give/Donner

    Help provide emergency nutrition to hungry children on the brink of death. 

  • need is greatest

    Give to where the need is greatest

    $50.00 Give/Donner

    When you give where most needed, you’ll help provide things like healthcare, safety, food, clean water and more to vulnerable children and families around the world. It’s a powerful way to help fight poverty and hunger, and give hope to those in need.

  • malnourished child

    Lifesaving Treatment for 10 Malnourished Children

    $600.00 Give/Donner

    Hunger is preventable and easily treatable, but only a tiny percentage of severely malnourished children receive the lifesaving treatment they need. Save the lives of 10 children by providing a full 45-day treatment of therapeutic food, enough to restore their health and secure their future.

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