Generation Nutrition News: AVIVA Community Fund

We have the chance to win $100,000, and we need your votes – with your help we can empower so many more young leaders to grow, share, and understand food!

Generation Nutrition, our national initiative, improves Canadian youth’s access to healthy food and builds lifelong food champions. We bring food garden boxes to schools, camps, and other groups, along with experiential workshops designed to help young people plant, grow, and understand food. Participants learn how to grow their own produce in the mobile garden boxes and take action on their newfound understanding of health, environmental, and food justice issues.


Why is Generation Nutrition important?

  • Four million Canadians, or 13% of Canadian households, experience food insecurity. This means that they have inadequate access to nutritious food.
  • In 2017, UNICEF ranked Canada 37th out of the 41 richest countries in terms of household food insecurity.
  • One in six Canadian youth fall victim to the insidious effects that this causes, including poor health (diabetes, obesity, and iron deficiency), behavioural and developmental issues, and poor school readiness and performance.

Together, we can create a generation that has the skills and passion to create change.

How can I Vote?

By taking just 2 minutes to register and vote you can make a HUGE difference to youth across Canada.

  1. Click here and Register Now
  2. Registration has a few questions, once answered click ‘Register’ and you’ll be sent an email
  3. Open your email from Aviva and activate your account
  4. Go to the Generation Nutrition project page, or search for ‘Action Against Hunger’ on the Community Ideas Page
  5. You have 10 votes to allocate and help us win! Move the slider to the right and submit.
  6. Finally, please RESHARE and ask your friends to help us win!

Voting closes on October 4th!
Thank you for joining the movement to equip young leaders with lifelong education and skills to become their own food champions and create impactful solutions to community challenges.

Want to get more involved?

If you want to get more involved, you can! Let us know if you have a school or group who would like to be part of Generation Nutrition, or participate in the upcoming Week of Action Against Hunger with other supporters across Canada. Lastly, you can also support our work by participating in #brownbagit.