Gender Minimum Standards

Gender Minimum Standards are designed as measurable and verifiable standards, in line with the Gender Policy and Toolkit. They are basic standards an office can implement to be gender qualified. ​The standards enable all offices within the network to be clear on what are the minimum and mandated actions to ensure gender is mainstreamed in Action Against Hunger. Every office across the Action Against Hunger network will become gender qualified once it has achieved each of the minimum standards and passed the qualification process.

There are 5 standards

  1. Internal processes and practices contribute to an enabling environment for gender equality. ​
  2. Policies and practices involving partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries are gender sensitive. ​
  3. Staff are supported and encouraged to mainstream gender. ​
  4. Staff capacity to mainstream gender equality is developed and reinforced. ​
  5. Gender is considered in all programs.

Qualification process

The qualification process is a structured and systematic scheme to assess the degree to which an office
has achieved the gender minimum standards. The qualification process is comprised of four steps:

  1. A self-assessment is conducted to evaluate the extent to which the minimum standards have been fulfilled.
  2. An action plan is developed to address any unfulfilled actions to reach the standards identified in the self-assessment, including specific actions, time-frames and individuals’ responsible.
  3. Once all gender minimum standards have been met, a report is produced and the office requests an assessment.
  4. The verification process will take place at office level. Verifications are conducted internally, by an Action Against Hunger staff that does not sit in the office that will be evaluated.


To set up and initial call or for more information about Gender Minimum Standards reach out to our Gender Unit:

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