Action Against Hunger joins the call to action on protection from gender-based violence in emergencies

gender-based violence and gender inequality Action Against Hunger

Toronto, 25th November 2018 – At the end of October 2018, Action Against Hunger International became a proud member of the Call to Action on Protection from Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies. The Call to Action is a multi-stakeholder initiative that began in 2013 to transform the way gender-based violence (GBV) is addressed in humanitarian emergencies.

Action Against Hunger now stands with 79 other partners including non-governmental organizations such as Women Deliver, CARE International, Save the Children, World Vision and many others.

“In our fight against undernutrition we recognize that Gender-Based Violence and Gender Inequality are both causes and consequences of hunger,” said Danny Glenwright, executive director of Action Against Hunger. “We are proud to be a member of the Call to Action, so we can continue to ensure a holistic approach to tackling GBV and hunger together.”

In joining the Call to Action, Action Against Hunger reaffirms our commitment to mitigate and prevent risks of GBV, especially violence against women and girls, in our fight against hunger.

Action Against Hunger understands that gender inequality and Gender-Based Violence are both causes and consequences of hunger. Since 2013 we have taken steps to consider gender equality and mitigate GBV risks in our programs and across our organization through building our capacity and creating institutional policies and standards that contribute to gender equality.

As a partner in the Call to Action, Action Against Hunger commits to continue and strengthen our current efforts while collaborating and sharing our lessons learned and efforts with our partners and other stakeholders.

More specifically, Action Against Hunger has made the following core commitments in order to contribute to the Call to Action:

  1. Action Against Hunger will adopt and reinforce institutional policies and standards to strengthen gender equality, prevent and respond to GBV, and enhance accountability for taking action;
  2. Action Against Hunger will promote effective and accountable inter-agency and inter-sectoral GBV leadership and collaboration at all levels;
  3. Action Against Hunger’s needs assessments, analyses and planning processes support effective and accountable integration of GBV prevention and response, and gender equality;
  4. Action Against Hunger will apply the knowledge and skills to foster gender equality and reduce and mitigate GBV risks.