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Why Gardens?

Canada ranks 37th out of 41 wealthy nations in access to nutritious food for children. This is unacceptable.

Communities around the world and at home need gardens. This precious resource, in addition to the obvious nutritional benefits, empowers individuals, provides financial security, and reduces food insecurity.

Add a Plant to the Garden

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To James FitzGerald

A virtual garden to grow real gardens! Great!

In memory of Dad

To Will Hayes

If only everyone had the opportunity to donate to a campaign like this.

To Kathryn Franks

You're the carrot of my eye. -Love J

From Jessica Sweeney

I've been able to join in internationally

To Tom Cronin

Keep it up!

To Katie April

What an excellent project.

To James Hills

Everyone should have a garden!

From Tom Wade

A tomato in honour of everyone who doesn't have access to them!

To Jason

Happy Birthday! -From Naomi

To Francis Carbonu

I planted a tomato in your name. From Danny

To Ely

These carrots are almost as good as the ones you put on my finger! - Mira

To Maya Arias Glenwright

Dear Maya, Happy Easter! We know you'll get lots of chocolate so we thought you'd enjoy contributing to this garden so that other kids can get enough food to eat. We love you! Love Uncle Danny & Uncle Francis

To Nina Arias Glenwright

Dear Nina, Happy Easter! We know you'll get lots of chocolate so we thought you'd enjoy contributing to this garden so that other kids can get enough food to eat. We love you! Love Uncle Danny & Uncle Francis

In memory of Kathleen

From Jean McDermott

In memory of Marjie

From Joanna C

To Annie G

Happy birthday mom! Love you❣️ xo -Nayo

To Sharon

Thanks for hosting us this weekend! - From Zoe F

To Mom

From Shehryaar

To mum

Happy Mother's Day! I love you & your tomato pasta! :) -Zoe

To Benjamin

We are so proud of you, sending you all our love. Ma & Grandpa (Joan G-D)

To Prince Harry and Megan Markle

I hope that your special day is wonderful, and I wish you both but happiness in your future together!

To Vivian Blain

Hi Mom, Happy Mother's Day. I have donated a tomato plant to a family in need in your honour for Mother's Day. Love, Leslie C

To Marsha Skain

Hi Marsha, Happy Mother's Day! John and I have donated a tomato plant in your honour to help a family in need establish a home garden so they have access to fresh vegetables. Love, Leslie & John

To Gayleen Peloquin

Dear Mom, Happy Mother's Day. I love you lots. Love DG

Planted by Maureen D.

In memory of a loved one

To loved one

Hello - Naomi

To Ellie Marshall

Happy Mother's Day! We love you, and love raising our families together. Love, Mira, Ely, and Sadie

To Suzie Lyon

Happy Mother's Day! We love you so much, and couldn't be where we are without you. We're all so lucky to have you - thank you for helping all of us grow our families! Love, Mira, Ely, and Sadie

To Anita Small

Happy Mother's Day! We love you so much, and are so lucky to have you as such a nurturing presence. Love, Mira, Ely, and Sadie

To Helen Lyon

Happy Mother's Day, Granny! We love you so much, and love celebrating with you. Love, Mira, Ely, and Sadie

To Mum

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day! - Laura M

To Helen Lyon

Happy Mother's Day! - From Dan Lyon

Deni Cavanagh

To Mira

Dear Mira, Happy Mom's Day to the most awesome mom to Sadie, you! Our daughter-in-love, with the biggest of hugs, Anita & Norm

To Vidya Devi

Lots of love to you in heaven mummy. Dhan Gurubabo

To Michelle Debnath

Happy first Mother's Day, Michelle! I've so admired the way you've completely embraced this new adventure. Hope you have lots of good snuggles with Maya and know that you are a wonder of the world to do what you do every single day. XO! - Vanessa

To Pat Mahoney

Happy Mother's Day! - Alister

To Stephanie

Happy Mother's Day to a real-life hero. You are the type of mom I aspire to be like, and you do amazing things every single day. Your kids are so blessed to have you! Enjoy the day :) xo, VJ

To Louise Deelstra

From Sacha D

To Mom

Happy Mother's Day! I have made a donation in support of Action Against Hunger's work to develop food gardens in areas where it's needed most. - Catherine B

to Joanna (Mom)

You taught me the importance of eating my veggies! From Haley

To Dianne

Happy Mother's Day, Love Leslie

To Inga Rinne

Happy Mother’s Days! It seems like saving the life of a woman in a developing country is the least I can do to honour what an amazing mom you are! From Peter Cowan

To Karine

You're awesome! - Nils

In loving memory of Ralph and Glory Abugov

In memory of my loving parents, who are the foundation of my life.

Amandine B

Joan B

Happy Mother's Day, every day!

Joseph L

To Mom

Happy Mother's Day, Mumma! - Sarah M

A Hakim Eltaani et Karima Chelabi

Nous souhaitons que don vous sera compter au près de dieu. Allah yerhamkoum. - Redha E

To Chad Rogers

From Vasiliki P

To James

From Susan B

Mrs Y Leonard


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Gardens take Action Against Hunger

Gardens feature in all aspects of our work: most obviously in our nutrition, food security and livelihoods programs but also in our water, sanitation and hygiene programs, as well as our emergency response programs. Read more about how we’ve grown gardens in over 25 countries.



In our Emergency Response programs, we use gardens to ensure a balanced diet is possible for displaced persons living in refugee camps. Basic food rations are intended to keep people alive, but long term, they don’t provide balanced nutrition. By creating gardens and greenhouses in refugee camps, we can ensure families are able to provide nutritious meals to their children.



In our Nutrition & Health programs, we help communities grow communal edible gardens next to our treatment centres so that parents can have access to the fruits and vegetables they need to keep their children from suffering from malnutrition.



In our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) programs, we protect household and community gardens by mitigating climate shocks due to flood and drought. We do this by building wells and water management canals. Pairing gardens with our WaSH programs means we can ensure that more families can benefit from gardens year-round, and not just in the rainy season.



In our Food Security & Livelihoods programs, we help households grow their own kitchen gardens. These gardens provide direct and convenient access to nutritious fruit and vegetables right next to their homes, but they also boost income through the sale of extra produce, and frees up income that would otherwise have been spent on expensive fruits and vegetables. We also grow demonstration gardens in this type of programming, an educational tool to introduce communities to planting and harvesting their own food and as an income generating activity.



In our Food Literacy programs, we use mobile gardens to teach how to grow and cook their own nutritious food, and equip them with life skills and healthy habits to create sustainable change for themselves and their communities.