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Build a game-changer. Invest with us today.

We are breaking new ground on a project that will fundamentally change the way that we treat malnutrition around the world. Not just for Action Against Hunger – we’re creating a revolutionary tool for everyone.

Watch this short video. We promise you’ll see what we mean.

The technology exists, and we have the know-how to develop it, all we need is you to help us make it happen. We need supporters like you to invest with us to build this game-changing digital solution. Will you donate to make this exciting project a reality?

You can find more information on our new SMART+ project, a full suite of digital tools, here. We’re working with leaders in artificial intelligence for instant digital measurements, and we’re digitizing the collection, aggregation and analysis of nutrition data at a global scale. We’re doing everything we can to keep a smile on the faces of our tiny patients.

We look forward to delivering a strong return on your investment: A world free from hunger.

Let’s get started.


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