Call for tenders – Consultancy Services: Action Against Hunger Gender Policy Review and Update

Created in 1979, Action Against Hunger is a non-governmental organisation that aims to provide solutions to hunger. Our mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of under-nutrition, particularly during and after emergency situations linked to conflicts or natural disasters. We focus on nutrition, health and healthcare practices; food security and livelihoods; water, sanitation and hygiene and advocacy.

Action Against Hunger is committed to ensuring that all its programs, standards and policies are inclusive and responsive to gender issues, including gender-based violence (GBV), of the local community and that every effort is made to empower women and men in both development and humanitarian work.
We are seeking the services of a consultant to review and update our gender policy to reflect Action Against Hunger’s recent gender mainstreaming efforts over the past five years, especially considering intersectionality, and the mitigation and prevention of GBV in the fight against hunger.


The consultant will review the existing Action Against Hunger’s gender policy and toolkit and propose updates to integrate GBV considerations and mainstream an intersectional perspective in Action Against Hunger’s approach to mainstream gender at both organizational and programmatic levels – i.e. diversity and inclusion.
The consultant will take the following steps:

  • Conduct desk review of core documents produced by Action Against Hunger, including but not limited to the existing gender policy, the Gender Minimum Standards, and documents outlining key learnings for mainstreaming gender in the organization
  • Review other organizations’ gender policies, approaches and tools (e.g. IRC, Save the Children, Oxfam, and UN) and identify the most appropriate approach that Action Against Hunger can integrate in the revised gender policy.
  • Consult key stakeholders from Action Against Hunger, including members of the International Gender Unit, the Gender Taskforce and staff involved in the development of the initial gender policy for purposes of, but not limited to, evaluating the uptake and applicability of the previous policy.
  • Review and rework if necessary, the general and specific objectives of Action Against Hunger’s Gender Policy.
  • Propose adjustments to the current structure and format of Action Against Hunger’s Gender Policy, including the main pillars of the document, based on the reworked general and specific objectives and the conceptual scope.
  • Develop or review indicators and tools to ensure the monitoring and the evaluation of the implementation of Action Against Hunger’s revised policy
  • Ensure synthetic, practical and simple documents for easy and comprehensive application across the organization.
  • The policy should be synthetic and practical and easy to comprehend for better application across the organization. Create a 2-3 pages summary of the policy.


  • This work will take place between July 20, 2019 and September 20, 2019.


The selected service provider will report to the Associate Director – Gender and GBV for Action Against Hunger Canada on a weekly basis.

  1. Inception meeting and draft workplan
  2. Weekly meetings with Associate Director – Gender and GBV
  3. Desk review: internal from Action Against Hunger and external organizations
  4. Report highlighting gaps identified and ways to overcome those gaps in new gender policy
  5. Develop and review indicators to monitor implementation of the revised gender policy
  6. Draft and finalize gender policy

The total estimated length for this consultancy is 25 days, within the aforementioned timeframe.


  • 100% Payment by bank transfer upon receipt of final invoice and completion and validation of assignment and deliverables by the technical department.


  • All writings, books, articles, artwork, computer programs, databases, source and object codes, and other material of any nature whatsoever produced in the course of this assignment produced in whole or in part by the consultant in the course of his/her service to Action Against Hunger shall be considered a work made for hire, or otherwise, and therefore Action Against Hunger’s property.


  • Home-based.
  • Travel to Action Against Hunger’s Toronto office might be requested. All costs associated with the travel, as well as accommodation will be covered by Action Against Hunger Canada.


  • Demonstrated experience in policy development, strategic planning and mainstreaming gender equality and GBV in humanitarian response.
  • Familiarity with international standards and policies related to gender equality and GBV, including the IASC GBV Guidelines.
  • Field experience in monitoring and evaluation, including qualitative methodologies and gender issues.
  • Knowledge of participatory approaches and tools.
  • A post graduate degree in gender, development studies or social sciences and demonstrating capacity to conduct reviews, interviews, consultations, and to produce quality documents.
  • Written and Oral skills in English is a requirement for this consultancy. Written and orals skills in French and Spanish are considered an asset. Demonstrated field experience mainstreaming gender and GBV across development and humanitarian programs in emergency contexts.
  • Experience in program design and monitoring and evaluation with specific expertise in gender and GBV.


  • Previous experience working with the Action Against Hunger International network.


Recommendations from previous clients and/or examples of previous work (as appropriate) may be requested.

Minimum Information to provide on the quotation:

  • Name, address, phone and contact person
  • Details of the offer
  • Total price
  • Currency of the offer
  • Validity of the quotation (Minimum one month)
  • Date and signature
  • Three professional references

Please forward your proposal, quotation and a copy of your complete CV by the 16 of July 2019 to: with “Gender Policy update” in the subject line.