Food is a Beautiful Thing

Even for those of us who really relish our food (like me), when we have enough to eat, it’s easy to take for granted just how much it really does for us.

Think about it: food gives us the energy to get up in the morning; the energy to work, to play, to think, to move, to participate in life. Proper nutrition enables physical resilience, our ability to fight off disease and recovery from illness – and it’s critical to our mental health, too. Food brings people together; it gives us a sense of community, camaraderie, and care.

On the other hand, lack of nutrition can take all those things away – including life. Malnutrition accounts for 45% all child deaths worldwide. More than 3 million young lives are lost each year from causes related to malnutrition (link).

You probably already know that severe malnutrition exists. But did you know that malnutrition is:

  • Predictable: We know when and where malnutrition is likely to strike.
  • Preventable: We know how to keep children from becoming malnourished.
  • Treatable: Ready-to-use therapeutic foods can save millions of young lives.
  • Affordable: Just $45 can bring a severely malnourished child on the brink of starvation back to health.

No child should die from hunger. Action Against Hunger tackles the root causes of severe malnutrition. We provide nutrition to restore health and we provide access to safe water and sanitation. Active in over 45 countries, we work with communities around the world to implement sustainable solutions and save lives.

If you’re reading this, you’re already part of something big.

Conversations are powerful. On this blog we will be initiating new conversations about hunger – the problems and solutions, the progress and results, the people and the efforts, and how we can work together to nourish communities and restore life, vibrancy, empowerment, joy – all the great things that come from food!

So please participate – read, share what you learn, ask questions in the comments, and join our new e-newsletter for more ideas, inspiration and information on hunger and food. (link)

I’m excited to be on this journey of learning, discussion and action with each of you!

Camille DePutter, Director of Communications, Action contre la Faim, Canada



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