We surpassed our fundraising goal! Thank you for making Food for Action: Home Edition a success

Food for Action - Action Against Hunger

Food for Action: Home Edition 2020 ended this week, and we’re happy to report that it was a great success! Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors, we surpassed our fundraising goal and raised over $40,000 to support our COVID-19 response. These funds will provide the vulnerable communities we serve with lifesaving medical and personal protective equipment, training for frontline healthcare workers, public education, handwashing stations and more.

Here are some examples of how these funds will help prevent and control the spread of COVID-19:

  • $100 purchases complete personal protective equipment for one healthcare worker
  • $250 trains one frontline healthcare worker to treat current COVID-19 patients safely and prevent further spread of the virus within patient families and communities
  • $500 provides a family of six with food, clean water, soap, and shelter to isolate safely for two weeks to stop contagion in their community.

Like many charitable organizations, Action Against Hunger Canada relies on proceeds generated through events to make our work possible. With social distancing measures in place, we must adapt our strategy and find creative new ways to raise funds. We’re so grateful to all of our sponsors and donors supporting us during these challenging times and making our first-ever online auction a success. Special thanks goes to our event partner Oliver & Bonacini and our chef partners for contributing their recipes to the exclusive Food for Action Cookbook.

With 40 years of experience fighting hunger in many countries, Action Against Hunger long understood the impact of large-scale emergencies. However, the sheer magnitude of this pandemic makes it different from other crises. We must use this experience as an opportunity to learn, to strengthen food and economic systems, and to create structures to prevent future crises. Thanks to the generosity that was demonstrated during Food for Action: Home Edition, we will continue to work toward these goals.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Food for Action Sponsors - Action Against Hunger