Devastating Fires in Rohingya Refugee Camps Demonstrate Continued Need for Immediate Emergency Assistance and Protection

Rohinya Fire - Bangladesh - Action Against Hunger

Massive fires swept through the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh on March 22. Action Against Hunger is deeply concerned about the impact of the fires on top of daily challenges faced by Rohingya refugees.

After nearly four years living in overcrowded camps, hundreds of thousands of refugees face a more precarious and uncertain situation than ever before.

“This emergency is another reminder of the ongoing vulnerability and suffering that the Rohingya community has had to endure. Without a dignified, safe solution to the crisis, continued support from the international community is critical to meet the basic needs of the Rohingya,” says Rebecca Zorn, Deputy Country Director for Action Against Hunger in Bangladesh.

In January, another severe fire burned down more than 500 shelters, leaving 3,479 people homeless. Action Against Hunger teams are on the ground now to meet the urgent needs of thousands of displaced families.

Our top priority is to provide lifesaving water, sanitation, and hygiene services, as well as hot meals. At present, Action Against Hunger has the capacity to serve 6,000 hot meals through community kitchens twice a day, as well as to distribute tens of thousands of hygiene kits and other supplies.

In addition, we are concerned about the continued trauma faced by the Rohingya refugees. Our mental health, gender, and protection team provides psychological first aid to the affected families.

About Action Against Hunger:
Action Against Hunger has been active in Bangladesh since 2007, providing communities in need with gender-sensitive programming to prevent and treat malnutrition; ensure access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene; and promote food security and livelihoods for long-term resilience. In 2019, our programs reached over a million people in Bangladesh.


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