Fighting malnutrition in Yemen: Tayseer’s story

Fighting Malnutrition Action Against Hunger

Photo: Tayseer, after her treatment. Action Against Hunger Yemen.

As Yemen enters its fourth year of war, 22 million people ─ more than 80 percent of the population ─ are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Nearly 10,000 people have lost their lives and millions of others have been uprooted as a result of the conflict between Al Houthi forces and government forces supported by an international coalition. The conflict has contributed to the collapse of the economy and basic services, as well as an elevated risk of famine and a massive cholera epidemic. Today, living conditions in Yemen are tougher than ever, and more than 8.4 million people are on the brink of starvation. Learn more here.


Tayseer, 2.5 years old, is the little girl of Mona, 29 years old. Mona has two other children, and lives with her husband in Zabid, Yemen, in a small house with poor water supply and no electricity. Her husband used to be a teacher but as the government stopped paying salaries, he tried his luck as a motorcycle mechanic. Unfortunately, even with his hard work, the family struggles to make end meets. Their situation has in fact been extremely challenging during the last three years: they have had to share a low family income and to deal with multiple pregnancies and recurring sickness of the children. With lack of access to nutritious food and clean water, keeping the family healthy and safe has been nearly impossible.

When Tayseer was admitted to the Al-Tuhyta Stabilization Centre (SC), she was 30 months old, and suffering from severe acute malnutrition – a life threatening condition which requires urgent treatment. Mother and child both moved in with the mother’s father, due to his house’s proximity to the treatment center.

Tayseer’s medical situation upon admission was severe, to extent that the medical staff at Al-Tuhyta SC requested she be transferred to Al-Thowra Therapeutic Feeding Centre, a specialized nutrition rehabilitation unit. She stayed there for about two weeks before returning to Al-Tuhyta SC to complete her treatment.

Mona’s daughter is now considerably better: she was discharged on the February 4, 2018, and when Action Against Hunger staff visited her and her family two days later, they found her in good health and interacting with other kids in the village.


With your help in fighting against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger works closely in coordination with the Ministry of Health and local health offices, and directly supports health facilities and stabilization centres across different districts in Yemen. This support is sorely needed, as the health system is close to collapse due to major delays in payment of government salaries, and a shortage of electricity and medical supplies. Moreover, the prevailing insecurity is another significant obstacle for people who need medical assistance: airstrikes in particular, which have in the past also targeted health facilities, are deterring people from moving and seeking health care.

Tayseer is one of the many children who have been cured through Action Against Hunger’s support to these facilities. Thank you for your ongoing support!

In war-torn Yemen, many more children need our help. Your $45 donation can help save a child’s life.