4 ways Canadians like you are fighting famine right now

Famine Relief Fund Action Against Hunger

© Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger

Donations from Canadians are supporting programs in Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Somalia right now

Thank you!

In June, Canadians like you came together and donated $21.3 million to registered Canadian charities (like us!) through the Canadian government’s Famine Relief Fund.  As you know, the Famine Relief Fund  included 10 famine-threatened countries:

Famine Relief Fund for 10 Famine Threatened Countries Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger received $6.3 million CAD of these generous donations to expand ongoing programs in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen, thanks to you! Read on to see how those funds are being used. 


Famine Relief Fund Action Against Hunger

Thanks to the support of generous Canadians like you, the funds from the Famine Relief Fund has allowed us to expand the project, to include Borno state (in addition to Yobe state from the existing project). The new funding has allowed us to increase the number of expected beneficiaries from 54,000 to 91,000 individuals.

The project focuses on:

  • Increasing access to safe drinking water
  • Rehabilitation and construction of water points and sanitation facilities (latrines),
  • Distribution of hygiene kits,
  • Construction of bathing shelters
  • Training of local water user committees.


Famine Relief Fund Action Against Hunger

In Somalia, because of your support, Action Against Hunger has been able to expand the project to include another district of Somalia,  Wajid district, in addition to Hudur district. The new funding has also allowed us to reach 10,000 more individuals. 

Action Against Hunger is working in 3 areas:

  1. Increasing access to safe drinking water & safe sanitation facilities
    • Construction and rehabilitation of water points,
    • Construction of emergency latrines,
    • Distribution of hygiene kits.
  2. Primary health care for pregnant lactating women and children below 5 years.
    • Routine screening and medical consultation,
    • Antenatal and post-natal care,
    • Immunization against preventable diseases.
  3. Treatment and prevention of Severe Acute Malnutrition for children under 5

South Sudan

Famine Relief Fund Action Against Hunger

Thanks to donations like yours, we can increase the number of expected beneficiaries from 22,235 to 32,573 individuals. Action Against Hunger is scaling up our project in two parts: 

  1. Nutrition identification, referral and treatment services
    • treating children under 5 and pregnant and lactating women suffering from severe and moderate acute malnutrition.
    • home screening, referral, outpatient and in-patient therapeutic treatment programs.
  2. Improving water quality
    • increasing access to safe water by construction and rehabilitation of water points (wells, water infrastructure),
    • distribution of water & hygiene kits,
    • training on good hygiene practices.


Famine Relief Fund Action Against Hunger

With your support, in Yemen Action Against Hunger is increasing access to safe water for people affected by the conflict. This includes:

  • rehabilitation of water points (for example, wells),
  • distribution of water filters,
  • ongoing water quality monitoring, 
  • training of water committees to monitor water quality in their communities.

The additional funding will allow the project to be extended until 2019 and will directly assist 15,400 individuals.