Be a famine fighter!

The UN has issued a warning that 20 million people are threatened by famine. The world has the means to stop this. Without your help, they are at imminent risk of dying.

Famine was officially declared in parts of South Sudan – the first time anywhere in the world since 2011, and in terms of suffering, it doesn’t get more extreme than this. But South Sudan is not the only country facing a catastrophe, the children of many countries are at risk of famine too. 

Our immediate priority today is to save lives. But needs are immense and in many of the affected areas we have reached a deadly tipping point. Now these crises are projected to worsen over the next six months unless a major response is mobilized. 

Together, we must do everything in our power to save lives. 

Our emergency teams are helping save lives, providing lifesaving treatment to malnourished children and delivering urgent food and water but we depend on the compassion of supporters like you in the face of such overwhelming need. 

We need to take urgent action today to prevent children from sliding even deeper into tragedy. Become a monthly famine fighter now to help children survive.

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