Message from the Board Chair: Departure of Executive Director, Danny Glenwright

Executive Director Danny Glenwright

Danny Glenwright joined Action Against Hunger in 2015.

After six successful years with Action Against Hunger Canada, Danny Glenwright will be stepping down as Executive Director effective February 26, 2021 to become President and CEO of Save the Children Canada.

We are grateful to Danny for his tremendous contributions and appreciate his continued commitment to Canada’s humanitarian sector. Danny joined Action Against Hunger in 2015 and quickly went to work driving the organization’s strategic plan.

We have much of which to be proud. Action Against Hunger Canada is well positioned to continue creating better and more impactful ways of dealing with undernutrition as we work to end life threatening hunger for good.

Thanks to your support, Danny and the team at Action Against Hunger Canada have ensured that we help millions of people every year in more than 45 countries.

The Board of Directors has struck a special committee, which is currently leading the search for a new chief executive.

We continue to be driven by the vision of a world free from hunger. That’s why we’re continuously evolving and improving our capacity to respond to humanitarian crises around the globe.

As we face the continued impact of COVID-19, and prepare for the after effects of the pandemic’s reach, food security, nutrition, clean water and gender equality demand even greater attention and unrelenting focus. I’m grateful for your continued support and look forward to our ongoing work together to address these issues.


Victoria Davies
Chair of the Board of Directors
Action Against Hunger Canada