Donate to the Philippines


Typhoon Haiyan – estimated to be one of the most powerful storms in history – passed over the Philippines on November 8, leaving extreme devastation in its wake. Water networks have been destroyed, livelihoods devastated and markets paralyzed. The latest reports estimate over 13 million people have been impacted, 4 million people have been displaced and 2.5 million require food aid.

Action Against Hunger’s (ACF) team has been on the ground in the Philippines since day one working with the national government and UN agencies to coordinate humanitarian efforts. We have mobilized all available resources and currently have 130 people on the ground distributing and setting up an initial 141 tonnes of emergency supplies including:

  • Emergency pumps and water filtration systems;
  • Chlorine tablets for water purification;
  • Buckets and soap for personal hygiene;
  • Packs composed of tents, sleeping bags, medicines, food, flash lights and kitchen utensils;
  • Latrines.


The most urgent priorities are to ensure access to safe and clean water, build portable sanitation stations and to provide food and nutrition support.

  • A $75 gift will provide three emergency hygiene kits including water containers, bathing and laundry soaps and more.
  • A $100 gift will deliver chlorinated drinking water to over 130 individuals.
  • A $250 gift will provide therapeutic foods to over 25 children for one week.

Now your gift will be doubled by the Government of Canada.

We need your help. Please DONATE TODAY to help the families and children in need of life-saving water and nutrition. Please give generously.