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World Food Day Action Against Hunger

Photo by Vojta Vancura, Burkina Faso 2015

Did you know that October 16 is World Food Day?

World Food Day is an international occasion with an important mission: to end world hunger.

Thanks to your support, Action Against Hunger is part of this global movement.

Did you know?

  • Freedom from hunger is a basic human right enshrined in international treaties and covenants. Yet malnutrition is the single greatest threat to child survival.
  • Each year, more than three million children die from hunger-related causes.
  • The first 1000 days of life (between conception and a child’s second birthday) is the most critical time for a child’s nutrition.
  • The World Bank estimates that malnutrition costs poor countries up to three percent of their annual GDP.
  • Malnutrition at an early age can have a devastating impact on a child’s learning abilities. For adults this can mean losing more than 10 percent of their lifetime earning potential.

The good news is…

  • Malnutrition is predictable, preventable and treatable. Just $45 can save a child’s life.
  • Thanks to your compassion, in 2014, Action Against Hunger worked in 49 different countries around the world, helping 13.6 million people in need.
  • According to The Lancet, the number of children around the world with stunted growth (a common result of malnutrition) was reduced by 88 million between 1990 and 2011.

If you agree no child should die from hunger, you can continue to help today by making a donation to Action Against Hunger.

Did you know that just $45 provides a full treatment of therapeutic food to save the life of a severely malnourished child. Please, save a life this World Food Day.



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