COVID-19: Our Response

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A global crisis requires a global response. At Action Against Hunger, we are focussed on stopping, containing, and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the communities in which we work. At the same time, we are committed to continuing our essential and life-saving work to tackle hunger and lack of food access across 47 countries.

Beyond the direct effects of contracting COVID-19 and falling ill, the necessary efforts to contain the spread have created barriers for communities that already have difficulty growing or buying food to eat every day.

If we do not continue to take swift and comprehensive global action to support the most vulnerable communities, there is a risk of turning this health emergency into a global food crisis.

Women are being hardest hit, as they represent 70% of the global health workforce and play an essential role in caring for sick relatives, thus significantly increasing their exposure to the virus. This is compounding the crisis because women also play a central role in ensuring access to food, both in the household and in the community.

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COVID-19: How Action Against Hunger is Responding to the Pandemic

At Action Against Hunger, we take the threat of COVID-19 very seriously and have implemented measures to protect the health and safety of our staff and people in the communities that we serve around the world.

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COVID-19: Global Appeal

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly in low- and middle-income countries, many of which have precarious health systems that are struggling to cope. The most vulnerable people are facing considerable – and growing – risks because of this crisis.

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It is inspiring to witness the outpouring of gratitude to frontline health workers every evening in Canada. We wanted to share that feeling with our colleagues on the front lines around the world.

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A Race Against Time: COVID-19 in Somalia

Action Against Hunger is working actively to stop, contain, and prevent the spread of COVID-19 across all our programs. Watch this video to see what that looks like in Somalia right now.

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