Congratulations and thank you to our marathon runners and volunteers

Congratulations and thank you to our runners and volunteers - Action Against Hunger

Wow, what a marathon!

With our first Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon now in the books, we are blown away by the impact of our supporters – you raised more than $17,000 to help fight hunger! With dozens of wonderful volunteers representing Action Against Hunger cheering and helping during the race, and 15 amazing Action Against Hunger runners out on the course, it was one incredible day for all involved.

The atmosphere was electric! Our cheering and water station was large, loud, and difficult to miss in their bright blue and green shirts. We had a great time encouraging the runners and taking action against their thirst!

To the members of our Action Against Hunger Run Crew, we thank you so much for being a valued member of our team and representing Action Against Hunger at one of the largest fundraising events in the city. It means so much to us and ultimately to the people supported as a result of your fundraising.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to every single one of our runners, staff, supporters and volunteers who helped make this past Sunday such a special day. A very special thanks goes out to Alister, who finished his first marathon in 10 years and raised a whopping $9,000! We are extremely grateful and proud of your incredible achievements, Alister!

One of our board members, Leslie, successfully completed the 42 km marathon and raised $3,500 for Action Against Hunger. We appreciate your hard work and tenacity in the board room and on the race course!

Together, our Run Crew raised more than $17,000 which is incredible. The funds raised will allow us to carry out innovative and ground-breaking programs that help save lives of severely malnourished children while also helping communities become self-sufficient. We enable entire communities to be free from hunger. We’re able to do what we do because people like you believe in our work.

Hope you can join us again in 2020!

Here are some of the highlights: