7 years of conflict in Syria: 7-year-old refugees who dream of home

Photo: Syrian refugees in Jordan. Action Against Hunger, Jordan

Seven years ago, the devastating conflict in Syria began. Today, thousands of children, like 7-year-old Kafaá shown below, have lived their entire lives with their country at war. 

Millions of Syrians have been displaced — more than half of them are children. Some, born as refugees, have never even seen the country their parents and grandparents called home. 

We sat down with 7-year-old refugees who have lived their whole lives in instability. They shared with us their favourite toys and their dreams of home.

Action Against Hunger CanadaKafaá from Halab in Syria.

Her favourite toy is this kid driving a car because she loves road trips and nature. She always imagines herself in a car, driving all over Syria and its beautiful places.

When asked about her house in Syria, she explained that it is so much nicer and it had real walls not fake walls like the caravan they live in.


Action Against Hunger CanadaWassim from Halab.

His favourite toy is this lion because it represents strength, and whenever he holds it, he always feel stronger.

When asked about Syria, he explained that he doesn’t remember much, but his parents told him many nice things about it, like the beautiful garden around their house. He dreams of going back one day.


Action Against Hunger CanadaNoor from Hama in Syria.

She loves her doll because it was a gift from her grandmother. Noor named her doll Amina after her. “I don’t treat her like a doll, I treat Amina like a friend,” Noor explained.

When asked about Syria and her hometown Hama, she explained that it’s beautiful, with big, green trees where she used to play with her cousins.

Action Against Hunger CanadaMohammad from Daraain Syria.

This fish is his favourite toy because his father was a fisherman and he always spoke about fish. He really wants to be like his father one day. He also mentioned that his fish is special, not like any other fishes, and it wears a helmet so it stays safe.

When asked about Syria, he says that his relatives always send him pictures of their neighbourhood and of the birds that fly around — he says he loves birds.


Action Against Hunger CanadaAyman from Daraa.

The airplane is favourite toy because he loves the colour red and he loves airplanes. He explained that “with planes you can fly, and I would like to fly to Syria.”

When asked about Syria, he said that they had two rabbits that he used to play with all the time but he lost them in the war, and he would like to get new rabbits one day.


Action Against Hunger CanadaMohammad-Wisam from Daraa.

His favourite toy is this beaded accessory, because he waves it whenever he dances Dabkeh, a traditional Middle Eastern dance, while listening to old Syrian songs.

When asked about Syria, he explained that his grandfather is still there and he would love to go see him one day because he was named after him.


Action Against Hunger CanadaSahar from Daraa.

Her favourite toy is this little squirrel because her cousin has a matching one and they promised each other to stay friends forever.

When asked about Syria she explained it’s green and beautiful, filled with trees and grass. She would love to go back and run through its fields.

Action Against Hunger’s teams are working in Syria and its neighbouring countries, doing everything possible to meet the urgent needs of Syrian women, men, and children. 

For the futures of Noor, Ayman and thousands of children like them, the world must do more to provide desperately needed aid and to push for peace. We will never give up the fight—and we know you won’t either.