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Donate | Donate now. Change lives.

One donation: A gift for your mom, a lifeline for another.

From the Canada to Somalia to Bangladesh, moms everywhere are doing it all. They juggle so much, from taking care of the kids to earning an income for the family, and everything in between.

Many mothers are not just juggling responsibilities, but fleeing conflict, struggling to ensure their children have enough nutritious food to eat, or walking for hours just to collect clean water. They never give up—and we don’t either.

This Mother’s Day, join us in celebrating moms across the world who work tirelessly to do the very best they can for their families.

Every gift will help a mom, and you can send it in honour of a special mom in your life.

Photo: Just a fraction of the moms you've helped us reach in nearly 50 countries.

Let’s get started.


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