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Donate | Donate now. Change lives.

Donate now.
Change lives.

You and Lilian, a mother who volunteers for our program in Kenya, have something in common. You both help save children’s lives by preventing malnutrition.

Lilian does it in West Pokot, Kenya – her rural village where she helps other mothers breastfeed as part of a successful Action Against Hunger program.

She is proud to share this knowledge in her community because, she told us “thanks to your program, my fifth child, Faith, has never experienced malnutrition.”

Your generosity inspires mothers like Lilian in the nearly 50 countries in which we work.

Thank you for responding to our appeal so that we can continue preventing the devastating effects of malnutrition through programs like the one in West Pokot.

Photo: Lilian performs a sketch that challenges local misconceptions about breastfeeding.

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