Face-to-Face Fundraising – One-to-One Fundraising

Action Against Hunger Canada is conducting face-to-face/door-to-door campaigns across the nation with One-to-One Fundraising to increase awareness of the programs and the work we do in our fight against hunger worldwide.

Along with increased awareness about Action Against Hunger Canada, our canvassers are trained to go across Canada asking for monthly support from potential donors. The monthly gifts acquired through these campaigns allow Action Against Hunger Canada to continue critical work including fighting hunger and the root causes worldwide; educating on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Gender Inequality; and supporting our WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) programs across the world.

As a monthly donor your benefits include:

  • Receive one annual tax receipt to make things convenient at income tax time.
  • Special communications, from time to time, with news about Action Against Hunger Canada and the impact of your monthly donations.

When you choose to become an Action Against Hunger Canada monthly donor you join an important group of individuals who have made the commitment to change the future and fight malnutrition.

COVID-19 Update

The health and safety of our community and our canvassers is of utmost importance. We have implemented additional safety measures to ensure our communities safety while increasing support for our work and programs of Action Against Hunger Canada.

While we rely on our face-to-face fundraising activities as a vital source of revenue for the work that we do, we have been extremely cautious about restarting this activity as the health and safety for both the public and our canvassers is paramount.

We are keeping a close eye on developments around COVID-19 and are adhering to public health guidelines and procedures to ensure the safety of donors and the canvassers.

How do I identify an Action Against Hunger Canada canvasser?


All Action Against Hunger Canada canvassers have an ID badge and wear a vest with our logo on the front and back.

Action Against Hunger Canada canvassers will be working with handheld devices (smartphones or tablets) to securely process credit card transactions and capture bank information on the spot, reducing costs and/or use of paper forms.

Do canvassers accept cash donations?


No. For your security and for the safety of our canvassers, door to door/face-to-face canvassers are not permitted to accept cash donations.

Is it safe to share my information with canvassers?


Yes. Personal information is securely collected on a handheld device that is equipped with encrypted software. Also, Action Against Hunger Canada will never trade, sell or rent your name or contact information. Your personal information is used only for donor-related or tax receipting purposes.

I have donated. Will I get a tax receipt?


Yes! Any gift you make over $10 will be issued a charitable contribution receipt. Monthly donors will get one receipt for all recurring donations within the calendar year in the February of the following year.


Questions and contact


Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Phone: 1-844-644-1016


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