Canadian students unite to fight against hunger!

Since January 2015, Canadian students  united to fight against global hunger to raise over $6,650 for Burkina Faso. This has allowed us to save the lives of over 147 malnourished children. 

Several schools across Canada have united against malnutrition through the Students Against Hunger program in the spring of 2015. Through this program, participating schools offer their students the opportunity to learn more about the programs carried out by our teams in the field, focusing on a specific country such as Burkina Faso. Students broaden their knowledge of malnutrition through awareness sessions conducted by an ACF team member, while having a real impact on children suffering from malnutrition.

To support ACF missions, schools have developed very different activities, the most popular being a race against hunger and a seed sale against hunger. These two activities allow students to develop a sense of solidarity with people in need and to deepen their understanding of global issues with the goal of becoming engaged global citizens. Ms. Cyndy Sandre and Ms. Danica Fisher, two teachers engaged in the fight against malnutrition, share their experience:

“I firmly believe that the future success of my students depends on their knowledge and skills of critical and creative thinking that they can develop in my classes. However, I am also convinced that social commitment and empathy will be as important to their success. That’s why, each year, we plan and coordinate the fundraising activities against hunger. We enjoyed this activity because it allowed us to raise approximately $4,000 for ACF in three years, but it’s also a way to educate students from our school on the reality of malnutrition and food security problems. The ACF Canada team are allies who effectively and enthusiastically support our efforts. I feel really privileged to work with the student club and ACF Canada.” Ms. Danica Fisher, Teacher at Roméo Dallaire school, Barrie (ON), Canada.

“The Race against Hunger has given us the opportunity to address the issue of malnutrition in the world by involving our students at all levels. From young to old, everyone was invested in fundraising or the organization of the race. The subject seems to have affected the students. The educational materials sent to our school responded very well to our needs and the follow up was amazing!” Ms. Cyndy Sandre, Teacher at Le Ruisseau school, Brooks (AB), Canada.

If you want to join us in the fight against malnutrition and join the Canadian students in their efforts, please email Karine at or contact her at 416 644 1016 ext. 205.


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