Action Against Hunger’s vision is of a world without hunger


2013 Learning Review from Action Against Hunger

Every year the Action Against Hunger international network publishes a Learning Review.  This important document assesses the successes and shortcomings of our organization in an attempt to learn and improve our performance every year as measured against criteria from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and their Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

The Learning Review importantly also highlights effective practices that could be scaled up or replicated in other contacts and provides innovative, forward-looking solutions to end malnutrition.

And finally, it is a platform for internal and external debate and discussion designed to challenge us in finding the gaps, understanding the failures and building on successes to become stronger and more effective every year.

Read the Learning Review. We encourage you to share it and discuss it widely.


Annual Progress Report 2013

Action Against Hunger’s Annual Progress Report 2013 outlines the progress made toward our organisation’s international strategic goals, established for 2010-2015. The report presents data collected from throughout the organisation according to a set of indicators that demonstrate the impact our work has had around the world.  The report allows decision makers in the organisation to have an overview of where we are falling behind and where targets are being exceeded.

In 2013, Action Against Hunger responded to three major humanitarian emergencies –  conflict in Syria, the devastating typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines, and violence in the Central African Republic – whilst establishing programmes in new territories (such as Cambodia and Iraqi Kurdistan), and expanding operations to meet growing needs in the treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition.

Read the ACF Annual Progress Report 2013

Sowing the seeds of good nutrition

Action Against Hunger has just published a new report: Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition. Making Agricultural Policies Deliver Better Nutrition. This report, based on three case studies conducted in Burkina Faso, Kenya and Peru, demonstrate that agriculture can and must do more to contribute to the fight against under-nutrition. The report focuses on the challenges of making food systems deliver better nutrition outcomes. It aims to assess to what extent the global agenda on nutrition and agriculture is actually translating into action at country level.

Read the report: Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition

Impact of climate change on hunger and under-nutrition

Action Against Hunger has released a briefing paper on the impact of climate change on hunger and under-nutrition. Even in the most optimistic global warming scenario, the effects of climate change on under-nutrition would be devastating, and would undermine current efforts to reduce hunger and ensure good nutrition. Despite the obvious critical situation and strong interconnection, food and nutrition security is still markedly absent in climate change negotiations.

Read the briefing paper on the impact of climate change on hunger and under-nutrition

World Health Assembly 2014 Statement from ACF International

May 20, 2014 – Action Against Hunger International’s statement on nutrition and health for the 67th World Health Assembly.

ACF Statement on Nutrition and Health for WHA 2014

Rebuilding six months after Typhoon Haiyan


Six months after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, progress has been made, but the need remains enormous. Millions of survivors not only lost their homes, but their livelihoods too. After six months of providing immediate aid, we started working on the post-emergency phase and reconstruction. Now, our goal is to restore basic infrastructure (water systems, homes, markets, roads, etc.) We’re also helping survivors recover their livelihoods, such as farming and fishing, so they can regain self-sufficiency.

Find out here how we’re working together to bring back health and happiness in the Philippines: Philippines: Six Months Later