Rebuilding Continues: Nepal six months after

A market stall vendor talks to an Action Against Hunger staff member in Kathmandu. The country is slowly rebuilding six months after the first earthquake. On Saturday 25 April, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing nearly nine thousand people and injuring many more. Just two weeks later, on 12 May, a second earthquake […]

Cash-for-Work Project in Nepal

In response to the earthquake on April 25th that devastated Nepal, Action Against Hunger (ACF) has launched a cash-for-work project in the village of Kabilash, located in the Nuwakot district of Nepal. This project will provide beneficiaries with short-term employment to complete community work, such as clearing debris, in order to earn a small income to […]

A Message From Our Colleagues in Nepal

In the last month we have reached over 18,000 people thanks to the tremendous commitment and dedication of our 160 colleagues in Nepal. Our team in Nepal explain why they set aside their own personal trauma to help others while sending their thanks to you for your support. “Thank you! Muchas Gracias! Deyra Manana, Allah […]

The Need for Mental Health Care and Psychosocial Support in Nepal

  When a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April 2015, more than 8,000 people were killed and thousands more injured. Homes were destroyed and livelihoods ground to a halt as families took in the extent of the devastation. When disasters like these happen, they leave mental as well as physical scars. That’s why we’re […]

Nepal Child Action Against Hunger

Nepal Quake Update: One Month Later

Two weeks after the first 7.8 Magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, 80% of the country’s infrastructure has collapsed or is deemed unsafe. Struck by another 7.2 Magnitude earthquake on May 12, 2015, the humanitarian situation was further deteriorated and many in Nepal were once again sleeping outside in fear of strong aftershocks or another earthquake Action Against Hunger […]

Nepal Earthquake Nepal Village Action Against Hunger

Nepal Quake Update: “Before, there was a village here”

Helped by her four children since dawn, Sanju clears away stones from the area that used to be her home, before the earthquake in Nepal transformed her village of Chaughada into a pile of dust and rubble. She sits on a mound of stones that is indistinguishable from the road or from her neighbour’s house. […]