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Analysing Coronavirus: An Expert’s Opinion

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading rapidly in the countries where we work, in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We spoke to Dieynaba N’Diaye, an Action Against Hunger epidemiologist, for an expert’s analysis on the impact a widespread outbreak could have on developing countries. AS AN EPIDEMIOLOGIST, STUDYING PATTERNS, CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF DISEASES IN HUMANS, […]

Somalia braces for COVID-19 pandemic

An Action Against Hunger nurse exercises COVID-19 prevention measures. As the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelms countries with strong health care systems, Somalia – already reeling from the cumulative effects of multiple recent shocks – is preparing for the worst. The country has experienced conflict, drought, floods, and a locust invasion, all in the last nine months. […]

COVID-19 relief appeal - Action Against Hunger

Needed now: COVID-19 Relief Fund to Help Most Vulnerable

Photo: Khadija Farah for Action Against Hunger, Somalia Countries across Eastern Africa brace for the worst after years of drought, floods, locusts, and conflict. Action Against Hunger has launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund to support its lifesaving work in more than 45 countries, including fragile parts of East Africa that are already dealing with the […]

Caremonger Developing World - Action Against Hunger

“Caremongering” needs to turn to developing world

Our teams in the field are taking all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring the continuity of our lifesaving programs. Our Executive Director, Danny Glenwright, wrote this piece in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic facing the world. This excerpt is from an article originally published in Policy Options on […]

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Canada’s Charities Make Urgent Ask of Ottawa for $10 Billion Stabilization Fund; Their Very Survival at Risk

Over 150 major charities form Emergency Coalition to save sector and maintain support to Canada’s most vulnerable. The leaders of over 150 Canadian charities have written a letter to the Government of Canada asking for urgent financial support to prevent the irreparable collapse of the sector, and their vital programs, due to the COVID-19 crisis. […]

World Water Day: Access to clean water is more important than ever

Photo: Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger, Philippines As we are faced with the coronavirus pandemic, we are constantly reminded about the importance of handwashing. But how can families wash their hands when clean water is kilometers away? Around the world, 40% of people lack access to basic handwashing facilities at home, and 780 million […]