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maternity care - Action Against Hunger

Better Maternity Care Means Healthier Babies and Happier Mothers in Kenya

Hildah with her baby son in Kenya. On an evening in July, Hildah went to the Kitale County Referral Hospital in western Kenya complaining of abdominal pain. Two hours later, she was a new mother. Hildah’s labour was short but difficult. “I was in a lot of pain, and I was afraid,” she said. Her […]

Healthcare worker - Action Against Hunger

“My priority is to save lives.” How one Mogadishu doctor is responding to COVID-19

Dr. Mustaf Yusef at the Hodan Stabilization Centre The COVID-19 pandemic has had an alarming impact on health and food systems worldwide, particularly in areas already struggling with chronic food insecurity. In Somalia, protracted conflict and drought have forced millions from their homes. Malnutrition levels, particularly among young children, have skyrocketed. Action Against Hunger provides […]

Working to end gender-based violence - Action Against Hunger

How we’re working to end gender-based violence in emergencies

Danny Glenwright at the virtual roundtable side event – United Nations General Assembly 2020 Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is both a cause and a consequence of hunger. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated GBV and its effects in many ways – from girls being pushed into early marriage or sex work so they have food to eat, […]

Indigenous Guatemalan - Action Against Hunger

Amid Hunger and Violence, Indigenous Guatemalans Look for a Way Out

Action Against Hunger is helping fight food insecurity in Guatemala through the creation of local seed banks Earlier this year, Canadian journalist Sally Armstrong visited an Action Against Hunger project in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Here, the Indigenous Mayan population is struggling against the combined pressures of widespread crop failure and brutal gang violence, driving thousands from […]

Dealing with Covid-19 Yemen - Action Against Hunger

Yemen: Dealing with COVID-19

A young girl collects water at an Action Against Hunger water point. Years of conflict and fighting make countries like Yemen more vulnerable to diseases like COVID-19. Communities who have already had to leave everything behind to keep their families safe are now facing a new, silent threat. For Yemen, coping with COVID-19 with a […]

Beirut Explosion - Action Against Hunger

Thousands Left Homeless & in Need of Food and Water After Beirut Explosion

Buildings are in ruin due to the recent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. The August 4 explosion in the port of Beirut has disrupted basic water and sanitation services in many of the city’s neighborhoods, including Burj Hammoud, Jdeideh, Sin El Fil, Jal el Dib, and Zalka. More than half of the city’s hospitals report equipment […]