Art Project – 2000 days Elementary School

Winter Recital Silent Auction for AH 2014.Winner2

In December 2014, the 2000 days Elementary school mobilized to raise funds for Action Against Hunger through a fundraising art project.

The entire school participated to this art project. Each class created one piece of art and 12 paintings were auctioned and used to create a calendar that was sold within the school.

Through this art project, the school raised $2,170 to fight world hunger.

  • Mrs Kepka testimony :

« The children really enjoyed participating and making their art pieces. The parents were really impressed and supported the idea. They liked how all the art was in the calendar and had the opportunity to take home the children’s work and giving towards a good cause.

Although children between 1 and 5 years of age may seem young, it is an excellent age for them to learn about empathy, responsibility, and social issues.  They also learn through their experiences and having them involved in participating with the fundraising event is a meaningful way for them to learn. One of the highlights of this initiative is that we made changes to our policies. We no longer allow any food products to be used in art activities that involved wasting food.

Selling calendars was a fantastic idea that went well and as a group we felt that we are going to start doing this type of fundraiser in the Fall. The partnership and help from the team from Action Against Hunger by providing us with some material also made our fundraising initiative a success. We look forward to continuing this partnership.

There is a quote that states, “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”. In order to start making a difference; we, as the educators/adults need to be their positive role models. Therefore by being involved in initiatives such as this and encouraging children to participate will give them the experiences to become citizens who will contribute to their local and global community.” Marlene Alcon Kepka, Teacher at 2000 days Elementary School, Calgary   

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