Announcing Love Food Fest: The Nostalgia Edition

Love Food Fest is an ode to the food you loved as a kid.

It is a love letter to the people who fed you as a child, who made you realize how good food could be.

And it is a fundraiser for those who lack even the most essential benefits of food: its nutrients, its fuel, its life.

What are you favourite food memories?

Maybe it was a bowl of soup on a cloudy day. Maybe it was a six-course meal that screamed celebration. Maybe it was the sugary, absurdly coloured sweets you couldn’t get enough of. Maybe it was just you and your grandmother in the kitchen, stirring a pot of raspberry jam.

We’re all grown up now and we might not be eating PB&Js so much anymore. In fact, a lot of the foods we ate with abandon as kids are now deemed unhealthy or only suitable “in moderation”. (So long, entire bag of sour keys).

What if you could re-discover your favourite foods from a young age, with a grown-up twist?

Love Food Fest is a different kind of food festival.

Love Food Fest is a taste of nostalgia, with a twist. It’s an invitation to re-imagine, re-discover, and fall back in love with the foods we enjoyed as kids.

Some of Toronto’s best and brightest chefs are cooking up their interpretations of childhood classics. We’ve brought together a diverse group of incredible culinary superstars and up-and-comers to present you with their tasty creations.

Here’s the incredible line-up so far:

Ayse Aydemir                          Matt Basile                         Matt Blondin

Rodney Bowers                        JP Challet                       Howard Dubrovsky

Alexandra Feswick            Claudia Gaviria                         Trish Gill

Brook Kavanagh                       Sang Kim                     Yumiko Kobayashi

Shahir Massoud                      Josh Molot                  Jacob Sharkey Pearce

Ivan Tarazona                        Eric Wood                         Shinji Yamaguchi

Vanessa Yeung

(Hey chefs, want to join the other cool kids? Contact us now – there’s still room for a few more!)

All these fantastic chefs will be competing. With YOUR help, a super-secret, all-star judges panel will decide who wins the grand prize, a trip to Peru provided by our sponsors.

PLUS: We’re super-charging the event with nostalgia, complete with vintage video games, music, and let’s be honest here, there’s gonna be candy.

Of course, we’re also packing the place with all the gourmet, gourmand goodness you’d expect:

– Local wines, craft beer, fine spirits (we are grown-ups after all).

– Specialty food vendors with fine treats you can’t get anywhere else. (For example, rising star Manning Canning will be presenting a special limited-edition preserve just for our guests).

– A top-notch foodie silent auction.

– And oh so much more!

Love Food Fest is about the heart of eating. This is a fun event, but its cause is serious: We’re raising money to help put an end to child deaths from hunger.

At Action Against Hunger (Action contre la Faim Canada) we are devoted to treating and preventing malnutrition around the world. We focus on feeding the world’s most vulnerable – especially children. Our efforts restore health, dignity, and self-sufficiency to those suffering from lack of essential nutrients so they can live fully, happy lives.

Will you help?

Join us for the fun and share the food love on October 7, 2014 from 6:00 – 9:30 p.m.  Get your tickets today.


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