All we can say is WOAAH!

All we can say is — WOAAH!

October 15-21 was our first ever national Week of Action Against Hunger (WoAAH). Incredible changemakers like you – with your schools, restaurants, families, and office teams – have been asking for more ways to contribute to improved food security and food literacy, so you came together to raise awareness and funds to. We were absolutely blown away by the passion that was shown; so many people went above and beyond to engage their classes, families and co-workers in learning about hunger and malnutrition in creative ways.

This week is part of Generation Nutrition, our nutrition and food education project in Canada. Help us bring this project to under-resourced schools, support this work.

A few highlights:

The amazing students at Meadowbrook Public School in Newmarket, Ontario collected both toonies and cans, sharing hunger facts over the announcements and learning about the need for both immediate and long-term change. The students in their breakfast club were able to enjoy the healthy, home-grown veggies that they grew in their gardens, and they then made applesauce from their harvested apples and sold the delicious jars in the community!

The halls of Ecole Terre des Jeunes in Calgary smelled deliciously like the soup the students made with vegetables and herbs from their garden, and then parents were able to purchase jars to help more schools plant their own edible gardens.

Blondies Pizza donated the proceeds from one evening’s sale of delicious pizzas to Action Against Hunger Canada to help make sure all students can have access to their own food gardens and sustainability education.

Burrows Hall Public School made this beautiful bulletin board with poems and ideas on how they were all “Taking a Bite Out of Hunger.” After a school assembly in which a few students presented a speech that they wrote, they wrote letters to their local MP about hunger issues and why a National Food Policy will lead to improved nutrition for students across the country. Families decided together how much to donate and shared the conversations they had.

The week may be over, but it was another important stepping stone on the journey that more amazing people across the country are taking to engage in these issues and be part of the solutions. We’re so proud of everyone who participated, and can’t wait to see what you do next!

Help us bring Generation Nutrition to more under-resourced schools, support this work.