A woman’s world for South Sudanese refugees

Thank you for helping us #Care4Mom. With your support we’ve set up 120 mom-to-mom support groups in Uganda for women who have fled South Sudan. The following is an excerpt of a story by Paula Dear for BBC Online. You can find the full story and photos on BBC Online.

An estimated 86% of the more than 900,000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda are women and children.

Massive numbers have streamed in since the brutal civil war at home reignited last July. The flight from violence and chaos, often without time to plan, has left many families separated. Mothers and children run alone. Husbands and fathers are either staying behind to work, fighting, missing or presumed dead.

As a result, many women are leading their extended households and communities in Uganda’s refugee settlements. With the support of each other, the authorities and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), they are trying to build a life.

They didn’t plan it, but they now find themselves living in a woman’s world.

In many refugee settlements, women are working together to pool their skills and resources.

Members of one of 120 mother-to-mother support groups set up by charity Action Against Hunger near Adjumani, northern Uganda, have established a new kitchen garden outside the settlement of Mungula.

In each group, the NGO trains an elected lead mother to teach the others about nutrition, infant feeding, hygiene and staying healthy.

Read the full story on BBC Online.

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