A Whole Lotta Food & Love

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Simiand – RCA

ACF Canada’s very first Love Food Give Food campaign has now come to a close. To everyone who donated to ACF through Love Food Give Food… everyone who contributed and offered their time and support… everyone who joined in by thinking of others at the same time that they relished a tasty meal… thank you.

Thank you from our hearts – and from our happy bellies.

Wow. The sense of camaraderie, generosity and enthusiasm from all participants – chefs, owners, restaurant staff, diners, ambassadors, donors and more – was so fulfilling to see. Nourishing, even.

Just look at some of the responses and fun photos we saw on social media

Here at ACF we are deeply grateful for all the support, because the money raised from this campaign means everything for the children we help.

Last year, 34 million children suffered from severe acute malnutrition. But as you know, malnutrition is not only treatable, it’s preventable. And our work is not just about saving lives, it is also about restoring health, happiness and dignity to people and communities plagued by malnutrition.

That’s why it is so appropriate for those of us who love food, to give food. So together we can help others experience the fulfilment and freedom that nutritious meals can bring.

Let’s not stop here. We are just getting started. And you can join us for more future fun foodie initiatives! If you want to bring Love Food Give Food to a restaurant or involve your city, send us an email and let us know:

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!


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