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Dealing with Covid-19 Yemen - Action Against Hunger

Yemen: Dealing with COVID-19

A young girl collects water at an Action Against Hunger water point. Years of conflict and fighting make countries like Yemen more vulnerable to diseases like COVID-19. Communities who have already had to leave everything behind to keep their families safe are now facing a new, silent threat. For Yemen, coping with COVID-19 with a […]

Beirut Explosion - Action Against Hunger

Thousands Left Homeless & in Need of Food and Water After Beirut Explosion

Buildings are in ruin due to the recent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. The August 4 explosion in the port of Beirut has disrupted basic water and sanitation services in many of the city’s neighborhoods, including Burj Hammoud, Jdeideh, Sin El Fil, Jal el Dib, and Zalka. More than half of the city’s hospitals report equipment […]

Lebanon Crisis: Donations to the Humanitarian Coalition Will be Matched by the Government of Canada to Provide Emergency Assistance

The Humanitarian Coalition salutes the commitment of the Canadian government to match the donations made to provide assistance to the Lebanese people, after the disaster that devastated the city of Beirut, Lebanon. It is estimated that the explosion on August 4 of a warehouse in the port of Beirut has left at least 100 people […]

COVID-19 Appeal - Action Against Hunger

Global hunger rises for fourth consecutive year

Following the publication of the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2020 Report by the UN Food and Agriculture Agency (FAO), Action Against Hunger is alarmed by the steady rise in the number of people suffering from hunger, a terrible toll that the COVID-19 pandemic will further exacerbate. In 2019, an estimated […]