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Poverty in Latin America - Action Against Hunger

Latin America: COVID-19 could push 29 million more people into poverty

Action Against Hunger volunteers and field workers in Colombia. Photo: Dennis Zevallos for Action Against Hunger, Peru. For much of Latin America, the hunger caused by the coronavirus pandemic is feared more than the disease itself. “This is a region where one in three people faced food insecurity even before the first appearance of COVID-19 […]

Fight Against Malnutrition - Action Against Hunger

“The Fight is Never Over”

How Maryam, a child psychologist in Niger, saved the lives of malnourished triplets and helped their mother find new ways to support her family. Photo: Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger, Niger. In Niger, more than 2.6 million people suffer from food insecurity. Poverty, hunger, and climate shocks all directly affect farmers and herders there. […]

Disease survival mothers - Action Against Hunger

Mothers Fight the “Disease With No Name” in Tanzania

In Tanzania, we help to improve maternal and child nutrition for more than 211,000 children and adolescent mothers in four rural districts. We are scaling up proven interventions: providing micronutrient supplements, treating acute malnutrition in communities and at health centres, and fostering mother-to-mother support groups, thereby laying the foundation for children to achieve their full […]

Forms of Malnutrition - Action Against Hunger Canada

Rodrick’s Road to Recovery in Tanzania

Rehema persuaded Rodrick’s father to let her take her grandson. Photo by Elphas Ngugi for Action Against Hunger, Tanzania. Rehema fought hard for her grandson. In fact, she fought hard for all six of the children under her care. Four years ago, her daughter, Furaha, gave birth to a son, Rodrick. Soon after, she and […]