Monthly Archives: May 2016

Sanitation and nutrition: Let’s break the vicious circle!

Did you know that to this day, some 2.4 billion people worldwide still do not have toilets and about 946 million defecate in open areas, which leads to not only sanitation problems but also directly worsens child undernutrition. Watch this video and find out why and how poor sanitation can affect child nutrition: Video credit: […]

Ecuador Earthquake: One month later

Communities rally to rebuild their homes and livelihoods and cope with loss Nearly a month after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the coast of Ecuador, destroying homes and communities, families are still processing the trauma they suffered. They are also seeking safer ground—there are now 50 makeshift shelters, each housing hundreds of people in the province of […]

Happy Mother’s Day

    Danny, executive director I don’t actually know anything about the baby photo. I am too young in it to remember. We took the more recent photo on a family vacation.  1. Tell us one thing about your mother that you love. Throughout my life, my mom has supported me and the decisions I […]