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Crisis in Yemen

ACF IN YEMEN Action Against Hunger began working in Yemen in 2012 to address hunger in the country where approximately 850,000 children are acutely malnourished. In Yemen, more than half of the population is in dire need of humanitarian aid and the situation is worsening.  13.4 million people lack access to safe drinking water and […]

Prevent Malnutrition Action Against Hunger

Creating Healthier Futures for Children in India

Our teams work with families to treat and prevent malnutrition in India’s highly-affected areas. Meet Prahlad Ramesh, from Dhawati village in India’s Madya Pradesh state. In the rural area of India where Prahlad lives, tens of thousands of parents lack the time they need and want to care properly for their children because they must […]

Hand Washing Ebola Action Against Hunger

Ebola Cases Down, Hope on Horizon for West African Communities

Significant progress seen in effort to curtail health and humanitarian crisis by Elisabeth Anderson Rapport, ACF USA According to the World Health Organization, for the first time since June 2014, there were fewer than 100 new confirmed cases reported in a week in the three most-affected countries, during the last week of January. Case incidence continues […]

Miara Combarri: Burkina Faso

Miara’s story  On a hot day at the CREN (Centre for Recuperation and Nutrition Education) hospital, the ACF team was notified that a severely malnourished child will be coming in for a check-up.  Miara was treated with Plumpy’Nut before but had slipped back into a malnourished state.  Plumpy’Nut was prescribed again but was not showing […]

Meet Imelda!

Role:  East Africa SMART Coordinator with Action Against Hunger Canada Number of Years with ACF:  5   1)  For how long have you been working with Action Against Hunger? I have worked for ACF since 2006 beginning in South Sudan as a nutritionist in the surveillance unit. I worked there for two years till August […]

Teaching about giving: it’s never too early!

Educator Holly Totten guiding a group of students with the art canvas for their calendar. 2000 days Pre-Kindergarten is helping other young children around the world with Action Against Hunger. Here’s how they turned an art project into a creative way to make a difference! At the end of 2014, 2000 days Pre-Kindergarten school in […]