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International Migrants Day Action Against Hunger

International Migrants Day

Recently, 163 Syrians arrived in Toronto, filled with joy and relief. They can finally – even for just a moment – stop worrying about whether there will be enough food on the table for tomorrow, or if there will be another tomorrow at all. But this is not the case for the other eight million […]

2014 Annual Report

Read Action Against Hunger Canada’s 2014 Annual Report highlighting the interventions made possible by donors like you. Along with donors around the world and support from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of the Canadian Government, together, we provided support to over 13.5 million people in 2014. Action Against Hunger 2014 Annual Report

Gender Policy Action Against Hunger

ACF Keeps Gender on the Agenda

“If we do not make specific efforts to talk to women…the risk is that their voices, vulnerabilities, and capacities will not be heard or considered in our interventions,” Clara Ituero, Global Gender Advisor for Action Against Hunger International (ACF International), describes one of many motivations behind Action Against Hunger’s Gender Agenda. “[In that way] we […]

Sanitation Action Against Hunger

Sanitation in the developing world: spotlight on Central Africa

For this year’s World Toilet Day, we asked Claude Sauveplane, a former United Nations Inter-regional Advisor on Water Resources and former Action Against Hunger Canada Board Member, to write a guest blog about access to sanitation, an issue that continues to impact millions of people around the world. Access to adequate sanitation is a fundamental […]

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

One of the greatest gifts Susie Luballo ever experienced was an exuberant greeting from a happy two-year-old. Susie, a Nutrition Program manager for Action Against Hunger, was stationed in South Sudan. She was working at one of our stabilization centres (a health clinic) and met a distraught South Sudanese mother who had walked for four […]

Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan dream of home – and Europe

As footage from the world’s television stations plays in a loop, showing images of inflatable boats overloaded with refugees washing up daily on Greek beaches, hundreds of thousands of people are watching from Iraq, thinking about following them. Our Action Against Hunger minibus moves through the hills. On both sides of the road, a thin […]