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Restaurants of Love Food, Give Food 2014

Running for the month of October, Love Food, Give Food unites food lovers from across Canada into taking action against hunger by doing what they do best – eating out. By enjoying a meal at the delicious and diverse participating restaurants, you can take a small action and make a big difference to get child […]

Ebola: An escalating emergency

The most recent document on the current Ebola situation in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Download the full report: Ebola crisis – ACF positioning in Liberia and Sierra Leone 

Clean Water Action Against Hunger

South Sudan: Fighting the worst food crisis in the world

Thirty five years ago today, the U.N. declared October 16 World Food Day to strengthen solidarity in the fight against hunger. In that spirit, we are highlighting the crisis in South Sudan, which the United Nations Security Council has declared the worst food crisis in the world. Action Against Hunger has worked with vulnerable populations […]