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Aid for Nutrition: Maximizing the impact of nutrition-sensitive interventions

In the third installment of Aid for Nutrition, this new report, Aid for Nutrition: Maximizing the Impact of Nutrition-sensitive Interventions, focuses on nutrition sensitive interventions looking at both the evidence on how interventions in different ‘nutrition sensitive’ sectors can have significant impacts on nutrition outcomes and also a proposition of a framework to help national governments, […]

Nutrition Desmond Tutu - Action Against Hunger

Why Hunger Matters

Why does hunger matter? An absurd question perhaps. Of course no one should be hungry. The right to proper nutrition is a basic human right. And yet millions of people suffer from malnutrition every day. Let’s be honest, this truth is uncomfortable to acknowledge. So why should we pay attention? In his powerful foreward to […]

“We saw the dead at our feet”

Editor’s Note: The following was recounted by Florian Seriex, an Action Against Hunger communications specialist on site during a recent program assessment in the Syrian neighbour nation of Jordan. Article written by Elisabeth Rapport, senior communications officer at ACF USA. Photo F. Seriex. Mahmoud’s hair was unkempt, his face covered in stubble, and his clothes wrinkled when […]

Hunger Matters 2013

Action Against Hunger’s global magazine, Hunger Matters, delivers perspectives from the front lines of humanitarian action and the race to end deadly malnutrition. Thematically organized around “access to good nutrition,” this edition of Hunger Matters explores new approaches to helping the most vulnerable access the resources they need to ensure healthy lives for their families and communities. As […]

Syrian Refugees: Over two million need help

  “People arrive without any material belongings, but with so much fear. They fear for themselves, for the family members they left behind, and for not being able to return home.” —Paolo Lubrano, Country Director, Action Against Hunger – Lebanon More than two million people have now fled Syria, often with little more than the […]